Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Merry Christmas to All

During this octave of Christmas when there is some down time I hope that you find time to reflect on the meaning of God becoming one of us and coming into this world. If you attended Mass on Sunday (Feast of the Holy Family) you were confronted with what that coming of God into our world means: the Kingdom suffers violence and the violent are taking it by force.

On the same day a tragedy of mamoth proportions took place in the Pacific, thousands of human lives ended on that day, a modern slaughter of innocents at the hands not of a Herod but of nature itself. It should give us all pause to reflect on what is the meaning of life and what are we doing with whatever time we have on this planet?

For Joseph it was responding to the message of an angel in a dream. What might God be speaking to us in the subbtle messages that we barely notice?