Monday, April 22, 2002

The story that won't die. Riches Of The Kingdom: From The Tampa Tribune:

A Nikon camera, a Bose radio, Nordstrom designer shirts, shoes, watches, sportswear: Bill Urbanski says Bishop Robert Lynch showered him with personal gifts during their unusual 4 1/2-year relationship.
``I looked at my wife once and said, `What am I wearing that the bishop didn't buy me?' '' Urbanski recalls today.

Lynch's lavish spending on the bishop's former spokesman and near-constant companion knew few limits, Urbanski says. As they drove from a parish north of Tampa one day, the bishop's wallet opened again.

``I was like, `I really wish I had a CD player in my car,' '' Urbanski says. ``Boom! We were in Circuit City, and he said, `I've wanted to buy you something. Pick it out.' ''

I'm trying to think of Jesus leading his apostles through the Temple and rather than turning over the tables, buying them whatever they wanted. If nothing else, one wonders what the leaders of the Church really believe in? Are they of the world or against it?

Celibacy is supposed to point toward the Kingdom where they are neither given nor taken in marriage. That is the ideal, but how is it being lived out in fact?