Sunday, February 26, 2017

Reflection from Michael Dubruiel

From 2003:

Humility. Often people think being humble means that I allow myself to be everyone's doormat. Not at all. Mother Teresa was very humble but hardly anyone's doormat. She proclaimed the Gospel humbly but forcifully to both leaders of nations and the poorest of the poor.

Humility means that my feet our on the ground. That I realize that I am a frail human being and God is God. I never forget that. I don't "lord" it over others or think that "my way" is the only way. I seek the Lord's dominion over my life not my dominion over everyone else's lives.

Our Lord's condemnation of titles is related to His teaching on humility. Titles imply that "I'm" in charge--and of course if I'm in touch with reality I know that I am not in charge--God is.

God first in everything!

"michael Dubruiel"