Sunday, August 14, 2005

Monsignor Clark Affair--Philip DeFillipo

Who knew you could make $100,000.00 a year as a parish secretary? I wonder if she pulled a knife on Clark (see below) to get that kind of a deal.

The irony of the Post story is that Clark wrote a letter of recommendation so that Philip could get a gun permit to "protect" priests during the abuse scandal. Did Clark have a death wish?

From New York Post Online Edition: news: HUSBAND'S NO SAINT, EITHER:

"DeFilippo told police that when he confronted his wife of 20 years about the trysts, she threatened to stab him.

'I fear for my safety and that of my children. She has been threatening me and the kids,' DeFilippo told police, adding that Laura has a 'history of alcohol-related incidents.'

DeFilippo obtained an order of protection barring Laura from the family home pending a court hearing.

Laura's lawyers charge DeFilippo made the 'false and outrageous' accusations to 'coerce' her into turning over their Eastchester home worth an estimated $1 million or more — and custody of their two kids, 14 and 10.

Laura refused his demands, they say.

DeFilippo, a former Allstate insurance adjuster for 15 years, seems to have made less money than Laura, who earned close to $100,000 a year as Clark's administrative assistant. She was 'the more significant breadwinner,' said a source."