Monday, August 01, 2005

Father Benedict on Knowing Saints

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"Knowing the saints or potential saints has been an interesting experience. The one thing you notice is their absolute consistency, that they always seek first the Kingdom of God. The other thing you recognize is that each one of them struggles with human weaknesses, if not in the sense of failings, then in the sense that they show that the cross can be heavy to carry. We have a kind of unrealistic magical idea of saints in our minds. On one occasion I had Fr. Solanus and Mother Teresa annoyed at me. Their annoyance was so kind and charitable that it made me feel worse --they got annoyed so sweetly!

Understanding people who are saints gives us some insight into sanctity. It really is about giving ourselves to God and seeking to do God's will every day as best we can. In fact, if we did this every day, we would soon be saints, but we don't have the equipment to do it. We only have the ability to take the next good step and move in that direction."