Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Year of Changes???

For your discernment:

Message to Christina Gallagher July 16, 2005

Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace for the 16th July 2005

My Children, today I speak to your hearts. I plead with you to open your hearts to Me. I am the Mother of your Saviour. I desire to help you and save you in soul. So many of you live your lives as if tomorrow will last forever.

You cannot recognize the signs of the times you live in. You cannot see how the evil one is stealing the youth of your country and the world, in seduction through suicide, drugs, alcohol, lust, lack of faith and confusion.

My dear children, I desire you to wake up before it is too late. Many changes will have taken place one year from now. There will be many of you caught in the web of the evil one, more deeply than you realize. Others among you will be called unprepared from your earthly life. I call you, my children, into the Light and Life of My Son, Jesus.

I plead with you to hear and live My call, and to open your hearts in love, to receive the message I give you. I beg you to respond to My call as never before. Your worldly existence as you know it to be, will soon come into a great crisis.

The purification is upon you, and few of you are prepared. I weep for your safety. You will see many upheavals in the world. You will experience the climate changes more and more. There will be many abnormal calamities, throughout the world. The changes in the season?s behaviour have already begun, but will increase and intensify, floods in many parts of the world beyond normal capacity, mud slides, typhoons, earthquakes and many many other abnormal and strange happenings. You have been given the gift of Pope Benedict to fulfil the work needed to be completed, but pray, pray for him.

The Church of My Son, Jesus, is experiencing the labour pains of its purification. Many will run. Others will hide, like scattered sheep and My poor lambs whom they have permitted to stray. But, Jesus will shepherd His poor little lambs that are lost.