Sunday, June 05, 2005

Pope's Angelus Message

From >>> <<< Pope’s appeal for Clementina Cantoni:

"Without the Holy Spirit, the Church would be reduced to a merely human organisation, weighed down by its own structures. But, in his turn, in God’s plans, the Spirit regularly makes use of human mediations to work in history. It is because of this that Christ, who set up his Church on the foundation of the Apostles closely gathered around Peter, also enriched it with the gift of his Spirit, so that through the centuries, the Spirit may comfort the Church (cfr Jn 14,16) and guide it to the entire truth (cfr Jn 16,13). May the ecclesial Community remain always open and meek in the face of the movement of the Holy Spirit to be a credible sign among men, and an effective instrument of God’s work!”"