Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pope Benedict: "Watch how you drive this summer!"

From his Angelus message today...>>> <<< An invitation from the Pope to the celebration of Peter and Paul: a “feast” of the Catholic Church.:

"At the end of June, which marks the start of the summer season for countries of the planet’s northern hemisphere, many people start their holidays. While auguring to all some serene days of deserved rest and relaxation, I want to appeal for prudence among those who are on the road headed for their holiday homes. Every day, unfortunately, especially at the weekend, road accidents are reported, with the tragic loss of many human lives, and more than half of victims are young. In recent years, much has been done to prevent such traffic events, but more can and must be done with the input and commitment of all. There is a need to fight distraction and superficiality, which in an instant could ruin one’s own future and that of others. Life is precious and unique: it must always be respected and protected, even through correct and careful behaviour on the streets.”