Friday, May 20, 2005

Three Stories from Davenport, Iowa Diocese

Probably all related in one way or another....

First the former Vicar General who has settled a civil lawsuit (that involved sexual abuse of a minor) wants to work as a priest again in the

Next a priest who has just been released from prison from the same diocese for having child porn on his computer has just been hired as a janitor in the diocese (where somehow he won't have access to computers--not sure how that is since it seems like he is working at the chancery offices)...Quad-City Times Newspaper Online - the Quad-Cities Home Page

Finally and not surprisingly I would guess Bishop Franklin of the same diocese has just turned 75 and wants out...Quad-City Times Newspaper Online - the Quad-Cities Home Page.

I'm guessing that for him the Holy Father's acceptance can't come soon enough.