Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Behind Every Good Pope

There is a good woman... I read somewhere else that she said that the only cat he owns is one made of porclean. One thing that is in this story that I didn't know was that his sister had died almost fourteen years ago.

From New York Daily News - World & National Report - Loyal maid will follow the pontiff:

"Also moving to the Apostolic Palace is Ingrid Stampa, a 55-year-old former professional classical music performer and teacher.

Maria Ratzinger was her brother's housekeeper until her death in 1991, and Stampa, who was a friend, was hired to take her place. She cleans and cooks - he likes Italian food, but sometimes asks for dishes from his native Bavaria, in Germany. But she also is a translator, researcher and adviser.

It was Ingrid, as Rome newspapers refer to her, who met with crowds outside the apartment building last week to explain what the new Pope was doing inside during two visits. 'Writing his homily [for yesterday's installation Mass],' she said.

Stampa studied music in Basel, Switzerland, taught at a university in Hamburg, Germany, and performed professionally throughout Europe. She plays viola and piano. Benedict also plays piano.

Stampa said that when she heard he was elected Pope, she burst into tears. He consoled her, she said, by saying, 'Let us both follow God's will.' "