Sunday, March 13, 2005

Miraculous Image?

The cover of my new book includes the art of Carol Elder Napoli. It is a piece that I purchased at Mayfaire in Lakeland quite a few years ago. At the time when I only had a small stations of the cross book that I had co-authored with Amy, I told Carol that I intended to use the image on the cover of a future book. Years passed and the cover design on my new book was desided that would focus on the a "host" being offered to a communicant. But that never happened even though the design was fairly simple. One day the designer and I were talking about the cover and Carol's painting popped into my head. I found it at home, brought it in and Tyler the designer scanned it and then tried the image on his cover design. The results were amazing!

The original piece which now hangs in my office is small, probably 3" by 4"--the reproduction on the cover is much larger, but what has struck everyone from the designer to the production people to the artist herself is how vibrant the colors reproduced on the cover. Those of us who work on such things know that art on screen seldom translates to print...but in this case it did.

I can't help but think that Carol's painting in itself will help a lot of people to get more out of the Eucharist just by meditating on her painting and why she did the piece in the first place(which she tells us at the end of the book).