Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Excommunicated Call to Action Leader Takes Communion

From Excommunicated Call to Action Leader Commits Sacrilege in Lincoln Parish:

"A member of the formally excommunicated organization, Call to Action (CTA), John Krejci took matters into his own hands at Mass at Sacred Heart parish on February 7. After being instructed not to present himself for communion, Krejci marched up to the altar where the Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz was concluding the Mass, and took one of the consecrated Hosts himself.

Krejci complained to the press that the bishop had gestured to him with 'an unfriendly wave of his hand, to indicate that Krejci could not receive what Catholics call the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Body of Christ.

Krejci complained to the Sioux City Journal that he was "unsure" why he "suddenly" had been denied communion. "I don't know if he acted spontaneously or what," Krejci said in an apparent attempt to depict himself as a bewildered and innocent victim of episcopal capriciousness.

Krejci, however, is well-known to Bishop Bruskewitz as a long-time campaigner against the Catholic Church. He is a former priest and as a founding member of the Lincoln branch of the extreme dissident organization Call to Action has campaigned for decades to undermine and abolish key doctrines of the Catholic religion, including many of the moral teachings. Membership of CTA draws heavily from former clergy, feminist nuns, and homosexuals. Krejci also attended Gregorian University in Rome in the 1960's with the young Bruskewitz who has been his bishop for many years. All members of Call to Action have been formally excommunicated since 1996."