Monday, February 14, 2005

Father Benedict on the Pope's Example

From CFR Page:

"There is hardly a single leader still on the scene who was within office when Pope John Paul became pope. He still takes his apostolic mandate as central, providential call for himself and he accepts this heavy cross to bear.

Each one of us has our cross. For some it's not so heavy, but it will be. Everyone sooner or later goes to Calvary and some people go several times. The important thing is not to look for a cross, but to carry the one you are given, not to become impatient, not to become bitter, not to say why me. Look at your life, you have a cross, you probably have several of them. Don't spend your time lamenting the fact that you have them, but pick them up and carry them. You might be tempted to say anything but this. That's a bad idea. Say, this is what I was given. The way to get better is to get better and the way to carry the cross is to pick it up and carry it. That's the only way that makes sense. Right now in the church we have this magnificent symbol of courage, faith, dedication and complete reliance on God. Who cares what any of the members of the peanut gallery have to say? They should be brought to silence by the shadow of this great and holy man carrying his cross."