Friday, February 25, 2005

Blasphemy on Network Television

I didn't see this, but I think Donohue is being a little too forgiving with the priest in question. Even though to the viewer these "real life" episodes can seem natural--there is nothing natural about the lighting and television cameras that follow these people around. Why would a priest allow this at a funeral in the first place? Why wouldn't he take the time to educate himself on the characters and nature of the program? How would he not recognize a "host" from a cracker?

From CATHOLIC LEAGUE for Religious and Civil Rights:

"During the February 22 episode of the NBC-TV sitcom, "Committed," two non-Catholics are mistakenly given Holy Communion at a Catholic funeral Mass. Nate, who is Jewish, and Bowie, a Protestant, don't know what to do with the Eucharist, so they make several failed attempts to get rid of it. For example, they try slipping it into the pocket of a priest, dropping it on a tray of cheese and crackers, etc.

At one point, the priest, who is portrayed as not knowing the difference between the Host and a cracker, goes to grab the "cracker" from a tray of appetizers; he initially balks when he discovers that it is the last one. Then he changes his mind, saying, "Oh, what the hell." By far the most offensive scene occurs when Nate and Bowie accidentally flush what they think is the Host down the toilet. "