Saturday, January 29, 2005

Your Opinion Counts Unless You're Catholic

In Canada....

From National Post:

"Prime Minister Paul Martin has already ordered all members of Cabinet to vote with the government although backbenchers are free to follow their consciences. Last week, Catholic archbishops voiced their opposition to the bill, echoing the concerns of Muslim and Sikh religious leaders.

And yesterday, Catholics were outraged at Mr. Pettigrew's suggestion they keep silent on an issue of moral significance such as the same-sex legislation.

'Certainly those who are trying to bring about change have not been shy at engaging in debate,' said Thomas Collins, Archbishop of the Diocese of Edmonton. 'We have every right to make our voice heard as well.'

Archbishop Collins says Ottawa should not try to stifle the views of any Canadians on issues of moral conscience. 'This is an effort to try to remove moral comment from issues affecting the common good.'"