Monday, January 17, 2005

NCR and the Legion

From Perspective: NCR and the Legion: an explanation:

"On the letters pages this week you will find one by Fr. Owen Kearns of the Legionaries of Christ. He is editor in chief and publisher of the Legion-owned National Catholic Register. The letter is an edited version of the original, which accuses NCR of a slur against the Legion and of spinning the story about Legion founder Fr. Marciel Maciel Degollado, who has been accused of sexually abusing seminarians in the past.

Kearns' letter also said NCR used a "journalistic resource," with the implication that we are simply interested in keeping the story alive with no regard for the facts.

It is not the first time Fr. Kearns has reacted to a story about either the Legion?s activities or its founder. Whether Kearns' responses have been solicited in the preparation of an article or delivered to us in reaction to one about Maciel, the content has been consistent: Fr. Maciel is demonstrably innocent and all one need do is consult the Legion?s Web site for the necessary information."