Monday, November 08, 2004 - Church struggles with change

Major series of stories in the USA Today, today. Slant is inaccurate...fails to mention there are more Catholics even if there are fewer priests/parishes serving them. Also fails to note the true why of decline in Mass attendance, something that the Year of the Eucharist if properly implemented (and don't hold your breath on that happening) could bring about a great reform in the Mass.

On a side note that is relevant to this point: A whole generation of priests have been taught a confused theology of the Church. Ask any of them a simple question and you are bound to receive an overqualified answer that nuances everything to the point of saying almost nothing. Until this problem is remedied, I don't see how things are going to change.

For Example: All Souls becomes "memorial day" with no mention of praying for the dead, or keeping in mind our final end.

From - Church struggles with change:

"Today there are fewer parishes and fewer priests than in 1990 and fewer of
the nation's 65 million Catholics in those pews. And there's no sign of