Saturday, November 06, 2004

Time for Foley to Go as AD of Florida

As usual Bianchi is right and entertaining at the same time. When Spurrier quit they were in a hurry to replace him, now after firing Zook in the middle of the season they seem incapable of replacing him....

And here is a prediction: If they hire Urban Meyer who has had success at a MAC school and now at Iowa, look for Florida to post records worst than those of the Zook era....the SEC isn't anything like those conferences.

From All Spurrier truly wanted was a job offer: South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

"Foley was adamant again Friday about how imperative it is for UF to conduct a comprehensive search to make sure the Gators hire the best coach available. Maybe he's right, but I believe he's wrong. Foley, who knows better than anybody how Spurrier thinks, surely had an idea that this 'national search' likely would cost UF a chance to bring back Spurrier.

I give up on trying to figure out the modus operandi UF uses to hire football coaches.

Three years ago, the Gators rushed through the process and hired the wrong coach. Now, they're taking their sweet time, and it likely cost them the right coach."