Monday, November 01, 2004

Feast of All Saints

From Pope John Paul II:

"Let us all rejoice in the Lord on this solemnity of All Saints' Day. The Eucharistic celebration honouring All the Saints begins today with this invitation to rejoice. A Church pilgrim on this earth raises her gaze to Heaven and joins the chorus of those whom God has brought into His Glory. This is the communion of Saints.

Under the bright lights of this wonderful mystery the annual commemoration of all the faithful departed will take place tomorrow. The liturgy invites us to broaden our hearts and pray for all of them, especially for the souls who need Divine Mercy the most.

I raise a special prayer to God for all the victims of terrorism. I feel spiritually close to their families. As I ask the Lord to make their pain more bearable, I invoke his name that peace may come to the world.

May Mary, Queen of All Saints, help us faithfully follow Christ so that we may reach the Glory of Heaven."