Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Tampa Jesuit Dies, A Fort Wayne Native

From Tampa:

"Fr. Richard G. Hartnett, S.J. passed away peacefully on Wednesday evening, August 5th, at the age of 92 while at Ignatius Hall in New Orleans.

Fr. Richard Hartnett, S.J. was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on October 21,1911. In 1917, his family moved to Kissimmee, Florida and then to Tampa in 1919.

He attended grammar school at the Academy of Holy Names (old
downtown school) from 1919 to 1925 and attended high school at
the Sacred Heart College (Jesuit) from 1925 to 1930. In 1937, he
graduated from St. Louis University. Fr. Hartnett taught at Tampa
College (Jesuit) from 1937 to 1940. He studied Theology at St.
Mary's, Kansas from 1940 to 1944 and was ordained a Jesuit priest
on June 22, 1943. He began his tertionship at Auriesville, New York
in 1944.

Father was with Jesuit High School in Tampa from 1945 through 1980, with the exception of one year at Jesuit High School in Dallas,
Texas in 1967. He was at one time the Alumni Chaplain here at Jesuit of Tampa, before moving to New Orleans for his retirement in 1999.

He returned from New Orleans yearly to orchestrate the annual Mission Drive with his famous Penny Drive. "