Sunday, September 26, 2004

Majority of Priests Like Their Vocation

From Charlotte Observer | 09/25/2004 | Survey: 92% of priests like job:

"Two and a half years after the clergy sex abuse scandal erupted, Roman Catholic priests continue to be satisfied with their ministries. But some still worry about declining morale in the priesthood, according to a new survey by the director of a treatment center for troubled clergy.

The survey of 834 priests in 11 dioceses was conducted by the Rev. Stephen Rossetti, president of the St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Md. Rossetti also serves as a consultant to a bishops' committee on sexual abuse.

Rossetti said 92 percent of priests were happy as priests, only 6 percent were considering leaving the priesthood and 83 percent said they would make the same choices if they had to do it all over again.

Those findings were roughly in line with a 2001 survey by the National Federation of Priests' Councils and a 2002 study by the Los Angeles Times. Rossetti's survey was conducted between September 2003 and last March.

While 83 percent of priests reported personal satisfaction, only 40 percent agreed with the statement that 'morale in the priesthood is good.' Three-quarters of priests reported a good relationship with their bishops, but only 26 percent thought priests accused of abuse were treated fairly."