Friday, September 10, 2004

Jennings Will Lose in Late October

That's when you'll see it anyway...

From He's no longer in 'Jeopardy!': South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

"So he's mortal after all: Ken Jennings, arguably the most famous game show contestant since Charles Van Doren, ended his record run on 'Jeopardy!' during a taping Wednesday.

Jennings' loss was reported by TV Week, a respected industry trade publication, which said he ended his run with total winnings of 'around $2.5 million in cash and prizes,' or roughly double his total when 'Jeopardy!' wrapped its season in July.

The show tapes a couple of months in advance of airing, and the magazine reported that Jennings had lost his 75th game. Because the program's fall season began Monday, that means his final show will likely air the last week in October."