Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hurricane Jeanne Heading Toward Florida, Could Be Category 4

The NOAA issues discussions that are posted on their site and various newspapers that give the technical oppinion on Hurricanes and tropical storms. Forecaster Beven expects the storm to strengthen, and possibly become a Category 4 storm by the time the eye of the storm reaches the Florida coast.

From Sun-Sentinel: South Florida weather:

"Guidance now suggests that upper-level winds will remain favorable for Jeanne to strengthen until landfall. Therefore...the main restraining factors for development are the current large eye...and the abundant dry air surrounding the hurricane. SHIPS and the GFDL both take Jeanne to 100 kt by landfall. Given the current trends...the intensity forecast will go a little higher and call for 105 kt. It would not be a surprise to see Jeanne get stronger than that...and reaching category four status is not out of the question. Jeanne should steadily weaken after landfall...becoming a depression over the southeastern United States and eventually becoming extratropical over the northwestern Atlantic. "