Tuesday, September 21, 2004

End of the World for Skeeter Davis

Forgot to post this yesterday, she died on Sunday.

From Entertainment News Article Reuters.com:

"Country music singer Skeeter Davis, a veteran of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, died on Sunday, according to a family friend.
Davis, 73, had battled breast cancer since 1988. She died at St. Thomas Hospital, said friend Linda Palmer.

In a 43-year career, she performed around the world, including at New York's Carnegie Hall and London's Royal Albert Hall. She earned five Grammy nominations, including one for the song 'Set Him Free' in 1959, the year she joined the Opry.

Other hits were 'I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know,' 'The End of the World,' and 'Gonna Get Along Without You Now.' "

And a few other tidbits about where she got her unique name...

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Davis died at a Nashville hospice, said Grand Ole Opry publicist Jessie Schmidt. Davis had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 1988 and had a recurrence in 1996.

Davis was nicknamed Skeeter by her grandfather who said she was so active she buzzed around like a mosquito. During her career, she toured with Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones.