Tuesday, July 13, 2004

`Virgin Mary' Vandal Jailed

Group that owns the building doesn't wish to press charges though...

From `Virgin Mary' Vandal Jailed | theledger.com:

"The small, white-haired woman emerged from the courtroom gallery Monday morning with a cross dangling from her neck and a message to deliver to the judge.

On the other side of the aisle stood an equally undaunting figure: a wiry young man with blue eyes and a tight haircut that made his ears look big.

The woman was Rosie Reed, the site leader for Shepherds of Christ Ministries, which owns the mirrored building on U.S. 19 that many think holds the rainbowhued image of the Virgin Mary.

The young man was Kyle Maskell, the 18-year-old who slung steel balls into the top windows of the image, shattering the image and beheading one of Clearwater's most beloved figures.

Despite the damage, Reed told the judge: 'Shepherds of Christ Ministries does not wish to press charges.'"