Friday, July 09, 2004

Toledo to Close 24 Parishes

What is interesting if you go to the original story is the listing of how many parishioners attend each parish. The diocese has a host of parishes that have under 500 parishioners and not many that have a large amount. What has happened to the Catholic Faith in this part of the country?


"Two dozen of the Toledo Catholic Diocese's 157 parishes are recommended for closure as part of a realignment study designed to consolidate parishes with too few members and assign a dwindling number of priests to no more than two parishes at a time (See Diocesan statistics below).

Bishop Leonard P. Blair will announce the names of parishes involved in the recommended changes in September after a series of meetings with clergy and members of the diocese, church leaders announced yesterday. The bishop will then meet with each affected parish to explain the situation, hear feedback, and announce his final decision on the changes in March, 2005."