Thursday, July 08, 2004

Large Scale Attack on U.S. Imminent?

From My Way News:

"Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Thursday that there is 'credible' information indicating that al-Qaida is moving ahead with plans for a 'large-scale attack' in the U.S. aimed at disrupting the November elections.

Ridge said it's clear that al-Qaida has the capability to carry out such an attack. He said U.S. authorities don't have information on the time, place or method, but that they're 'actively working' to gain that knoweldge.

He also said al-Qaida is working under the 'mistaken belief' that such an attack would affect the nation's resolve.

Ridge said there was no specific information indicating that al-Qaida is targeting either the Democratic National Convention later this month in Boston or the Republican National Convention a month later in New York.

The United States is tightening security in the face of a steady stream of intelligence indicating al-Qaida may seek to mount an attack aimed at disrupting elections, the White House said earlier."