Thursday, June 10, 2004

Democracy in Iraq?

Majority rule, but no separation of Church and State...

From Outside View
Christians Begin Exodus From Iraq - Insight on the News - World

"The long-predicted exodus of Christians from Iraq has begun.

Facing a June 30 deadline for transfer of power, a temporary constitution that reads, in Article 7, that Islam is the 'Official Religion of the State,' and the most recent humiliation for the community -- the failure to receive even one position on the Executive Council and only one ministry post, the Ministry of Emigration -- the Christians of Iraq are voting with their feet.

'On a recent night the church had to spend more time on filling out baptismal forms needed for leaving the country than they did on the [worship] service,' says Amir, a deacon at a local church who does not want his full name published. 'We have been flooded with parishioners desperate to leave the country, and as they cannot get an exit permit without a baptismal certificate from the church we have been swamped with requests. ... In recent days nearly 400 families as far as we can tell have filled out baptismal forms to leave the country. Our community is being decimated.' "