Monday, May 03, 2004

St. Meinrad Archabbot Will Resign Post

A good friend, writer of a book on Latin Sayings that you can find linked in the right column. I'm visiting with him later this month...hopefully they'll elect someone like him.

From St. Meinrad archabbot will resign post:

"Archabbot Lambert Reilly, the spiritual leader and chief administrator of St. Meinrad Archabbey announced Thursday he will step down from his post Dec. 15.

Reilly, 71, first came to St. Meinrad, south of Jasper in Spencer County, as a seminarian student and has served as its leader since 1995.

'He is just a great, great leader,' said Christopher Marten, national chairman of St. Meinrad's $40 million fund-raising drive. The archabbey already has raised $30 million toward its goal, and Marten didn't think the change would affect its success.

The Benedictine monks at St. Meinrad will select Reilly's successor. Reilly is expected to remain there as a monk."