Monday, May 17, 2004

Pope Wonders if He Hasn't Been Hard Enough

The title of this book which recounts his years as a bishop in Poland, is from the Gospels when Jesus comes back to his sleeping disciples and says, "Get up, let us go, see my betrayal is at hand." I always find it interesting when someone uses scripture for a title to see it in the context and wonder what does it mean for that person.

From New York Post Online Edition: news:

"In a new autobiography, Pope John Paul II wonders if he has been strict enough in his leadership.

In excerpts printed by Il Giornale newspaper yesterday, ahead of the book's publication tomorrow, the pope says church leaders must admonish people as well as lead them in faith. 'I think that in this aspect, maybe I have done too little. There is always this problem of how to balance authority and service. Perhaps I need to criticize myself for not having tried hard enough to lead,' the pope writes in the book, titled 'Get Up! Let Us Go!' "