Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Pew Lady on What Kind of Church Does Jesus Want...

Go to for the full entertaining piece, but here is a snipet:

"As should be painfully clear by now, the entire fiasco was, as is so often the case, all about me.

Not, in my opinion, unlike the upcoming Boston College Conference.
If you go to the conference web-site, you will find that there is no mention of the Name of Jesus. What does that tell you? Is there no room for Jesus in the "Church That Women Want?"

The first workshop is entitled: "Women Leaders Creating Church."
I'm not kidding!

Never mind that Jesus Christ created His Church a couple of thousand years ago. These dames -- excuse me, "leaders"-- apparently believe they can do a better job.

These "ladies" --like that insufferably arrogant would-be cheerleader --seem to believe, God help them, that the Church is all about them.

Among the distinguished panelists is Sister Jeannine Gramick, Ph.D., National Coalition of American Nuns, Executive Committee; Consultant, Lesbian and Gay Ministry.

Good grief."