Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Militant Catholics

The audience thought it was part of the "act"...

From News:

"Theatregoers at one of Madrid's most venerable arts centres became unwitting witnesses to religious violence last weekend when irate zealots broke up a performance of the play In God we xxxx.

Shouting 'Viva Cristo Rey,' two men launched themselves from the audience at the Circulo de Bellas Artes and beat up the actor and playwright of Me cago en Dios, directed by Pedro Forero, which for the past week had been making headlines in Spain for its blasphemous title and anti-clerical content.

'They beat us, they destroyed the music equipment, and they tried to set fire to the set, which is made of loo paper,' said the playwright, Inigo Ramirez de Haro. 'The audience thought it was part of the play so no one helped us for ages.'

Ramirez de Haro and the actor Fernando Incera were treated for sprains and bruises. Police arrested the two young men, one of whom is said to serve with the armed forces. Their shouts translated as 'Long live Christ the King', but are also a rallying call to the conservative Catholic Cristo Rey movement."