Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Meet 'God's little hobo'

From Meet 'God's little hobo' - The Catholic Moment:

"Disabled, abandoned, institutionalized and molested.

Who would fault Virginia Cyr if she had become bitter toward life and angry at God?

She was neither.

Friends marveled how Virginia was full of love and joy, known for her wide smile and rich deep faith, despite the cerebral palsy that kept her in a wheelchair, and despite her mother abandoning her as a little girl.

In her quietest of times, Virginia poured out her heart in daily "letters to Mother" -- to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

"Mother, here at last I may be with you. I just love typing letters to you, seeing your sweet smile, cuddling close to your heart, being with you in the silence of God. Thank you for being always here to embrace all that is heaven, and earth, in me," she once typed.

Mary became the mother Virginia never had.

In her letters from 1962-66, before Virginia's death on Feb. 3, 1967, at age 24, Virginia reveals her love to the Blessed Mother, along with her prayers, hopes and dreams to join a religious order.
Life as a sister was never meant to be."