Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Great News--One of My Classmates Made a Bishop!

Congratulations Martin!

In the very small environment that is a Catholic seminary Martin was one of the twenty-two students who I was in class with for three years of my life. Much liked by everyone, appointments like this always amaze me!

From the Vatican Information Service:

Appointed Fr. Martin David Holley, of the clergy of the diocese of Pensacola-Tallahasee, U.S.A and pastor of Little Flower Parish, as auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of Washington (area 5,447, population 2,571,395, Catholics 581,900, priests 1,060, permanent deacons 61, religious 1,608), U.S.A. The bishop-elect was born in 1954 in Pensacola, U.S.A. and was ordained a priest in 1987.