Sunday, May 02, 2004

Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons Suggests Programs for Priests

Interesting interview on Zenit. He has interesting views on the whole area of homosexuality, and his claim of diocese hiriing mental health professionals who don't agree with Church teaching is right on the mark.

From Zenit News Agency - The World Seen From Rome:

"Two different recent studies have found that the answers to a small number of questions about childhood and adolescent experiences, which relate to the development of a positive masculine identity, included within a larger questionnaire, allowed the clinical interviewer to conclude, with 90% accuracy, whether the subject has homosexual attractions.

When the evaluation reveals probable same-sex attractions, the candidate is not automatically excluded from consideration. If he is willing to do the hard work required to come to overcome his emotional pain of male insecurity, sadness and anger, his same-sex attractions could be resolved.

After he no longer identifies himself as a homosexual, he could reapply. The Church should not take the moral risk of allowing someone who identifies himself as a homosexual to enter the seminary.

Also, it is essential that mental health professionals involved in any way with the evaluation of candidates for seminary or with treating seminarians or priests, as well as the faculty at the seminaries, support the teaching of the Church on sexuality, particularly on homosexuality.

In our experience, there are some dioceses and religious communities that rely upon the work of mental health professionals who actively disagree with the Church's sexual morality. Given the specialized nature of evaluating candidates for seminaries we recommend that the psychologists and psychiatrists who engage in this important work be required to participate in ongoing educational programs given by those loyal to the Church's teaching on sexual morality."