Saturday, May 15, 2004


This is the second time that Our Sunday Visitor has been mentioned in the New York Times in the past few weeks...Russ Shaw makes a good point here, well worth calling out and wondering why aren't the majority of bishops passionate about the faith?

From The New York Times > National > Bishop Would Deny Rite for Defiant Catholic Voters:

"In the absence of a unified national position, individual bishops are producing widely diverging directives, causing widespread confusion, said Russell Shaw, Washington correspondent for the Catholic publication Our Sunday Visitor and a former spokesman for the bishops.

'There's probably a rather small number of bishops who are strongly in favor of denying communion,' Mr. Shaw said. 'Probably a somewhat larger but not overwhelming number rather strongly oppose doing that. And the third and far away largest group are those who just wish the whole issue would go away.'

The letter from Bishop Sheridan will undoubtedly intensify the debate, partly because it sounds in places like a political endorsement, Catholic observers said. "