Sunday, May 02, 2004

Canibal Abortionist

You'll wait long and hard to hear this reported on any news network...even from the so-called fair and balanced news network.

From Wichita Eagle | Top of the news:

"State Attorney General Phill Kline presented materials to legislators Thursday alleging that a Kansas City, Kan., abortion provider operated a dangerously substandard medical facility and even ate fetal tissue.

The allegations about the facilities came during a presentation to the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs.
'It's a place where no woman, no person, should have to undergo a surgical procedure,' Kline said.

The allegation that the physician ate fetal tissue was included in written materials that Kline presented to the committee. The report came from a Kansas City police officer; the name of the witness he interviewed was blacked out in documents provided to legislators.

The report, prepared for Kline after officers conducted an investigation of an unrelated theft complaint at the clinic, said officers observed 'filthy' conditions in some parts of the facility and blood stains on the floor."