Monday, May 24, 2004

Amy's Op-Ed in the Dallas News Sunday Edition

From the Dallas News:

Dan Brown finally broke his silence last week. Having declined interviews for months, the author of The Da Vinci Code spoke publicly about his best-selling novel to a New Hampshire audience.

Besides revealing the awfully exciting news that his next novel will feature – wait for it – Freemasons, Mr. Brown told his listeners that there's more to the story than he chose to reveal in his novel. What he spared the public was his finding that perhaps Jesus had survived the crucifixion!

Well, pardon us if after enduring all of Mr. Brown's breathless theorizing about Jesus-the-preacher-of-the-sacred-feminine, husband of Mary Magdalene who was herself revered as a goddess and whose secret (and bones) has been protected by a secret society for 2,000 years – yes, pardon us, if we're inspired to meet Mr. Brown's latest "shocker" with a shrug.

I've been writing about The Da Vinci Code for a year now, and whenever I do, I'm challenged by some to just calm down because, hey, "It's only a novel."

The trouble, however, as I've found through the questions that I'm constantly asked, is that more than a few readers of The Da Vinci Code come away with the impression that it is, indeed, much more than a novel, and contains credible scholarly thinking. They believe this partly because of the novel's use of scholars as characters, but also because Mr. Brown has made such claims himself.