Sunday, April 25, 2004

Moment of Decision

The case of Catholic politician John Kerry and his active stance for abortion is thrusting the issue of what exactly does it mean to be a Catholic into the public sphere. This issue is akin to a mafia boss being denied communion because of the noteriety of the persons criminal life. Whether the bishops will speak in a unified voice or will offer a variety of options leading congregants to believe that it doesn't really matter is going to say a lot about the future of the Catholic Church as a "light" for all to see or a "light" hidden under a basket. A bishop said to me recently that he feared that the bishops as a whole had become rather hoarse when it came to speaking out on what is right and wrong...fearing being labeled hypocrites over the abuse problems. So be it, fearing how they would appear before people is what created that horrible crisis and fearing how they will appear before others now will decide whether they are ready to be martyred for the faith or co-opted by those who use it for the faith to acheive their own ends in this life.