Saturday, April 24, 2004

Kerry & Kennedy Shrug Off Vatican

From New York Daily News - News & Views - Kerry snub for Vatican on choice:

"Kerry and fellow Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy both signaled they won't change how they worship as Catholics.

'This is an opinion by one member in the Vatican circle ... but he's not speaking for the Pope. That's a major difference,' Kennedy said.
Priests at the Paulist Center on Boston's Beacon Hill, where Kerry often worships, have said they won't deny the senator Communion, but didn't immediately comment on the statement from Rome.

The pro-life Bush camp accused Kerry of being out of touch with mainstream America on issues like partial-birth abortion. But one pro-choice GOP source noted the late John Cardinal O'Connor took on former GOP Rep. Susan Molinari in the 1990s over her pro-choice stance, but later backed off. "