Tuesday, April 06, 2004

'Jesus and Paul'

I watched about ten minutes of this an it made my head spin. Christian hard rock music and constant flashing between art images and scenes from the modern middle east made it unwatchable in my estimation.

From Charlotte Allen on the ABC special, 'Jesus and Paul' -- Beliefnet.com:

"In 2000, ABC's Peter Jennings gave us 'The Search for Jesus,' a television special in which for the most part channeled the Jesus Seminar—that coven of iconoclastic New Testament scholars who contend that Jesus of Nazareth didn't say or do many of the things reported in the Gospels. Jenning's new 'Jesus and Paul: The Word and the Witness,' shows Jesus and Paul, but also a Jennings chastened perhaps by the criticism he got four years ago for leaning so heavily on skeptics: 'Jesus and Paul' is far more balanced, and more respectful of traditional beliefs, about the man whom Christians call savior."