Wednesday, April 07, 2004

If Your Eye Offends You...

I remember Father Dick Teal telling the story of a University of Florida student doing the same thing (over twenty years ago)...
Amy, there is good Flannerish story to be told here.

WorldNetDaily: Man plucks out own eye, quotes Bible:

"A murder suspect in Grayson County, Texas, quoted a Bible verse after using his hand to pluck out his own right eye.

According to the Sherman Herald Democrat, confessed killer Andre Thomas was in a county jail cell directly across from the book-in station Friday when he turned his back on the jail staff. After hearing a scream, personnel saw Thomas turn around with his eyeball in his hand.

Thomas is no stranger to mutilation. Police say he killed his wife, son and wife's daughter in the woman's apartment, mutilating each victim. According to the report, Thomas turned himself into police the day the bodies were discovered, having cut himself with a knife. After undergoing surgery, Thomas was transferred to the Grayson County Jail and placed on 'suicide watch.' "