Sunday, March 07, 2004

If Britany Can--Why Can't He?

There are reports out there that the current rush of same sex marriages is part of a campaign to legitimize same sex relationships in the minds of the "average" person. One comment that I've seen quoted over and over, two examples come to mind--one being below, the other in "My Turn" in the current issues of Newsweek, is the comment that relates to the cheapened way marriage was treated by Brittany Spears (this makes me suspicious if even that isn't a part of this overall scheme).

Now, Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson who is the "pope" of this whole movement and is at the forefront of moving this agenda into the public eye wants to be married--and you know what? The same Episcopal bishops who elected him a bishop ought to do the ceremony and then declare themselves followers of bishop Robinson and publicly declare that they are followers of the Son of Robin rather than the Son of God...


Robinson, whose election as the US church?s first openly gay bishop last year had divided Anglicans throughout the world, said yesterday ? , two days before he was due to become the Episcopal Church?s leader in New Hampshire ? that the gay marriage issue was one of civil rights.

?It is very irritating to me that Britney Spears, when she traipsed off to be married in Las Vegas, instantly had what my partner and I of 15 years do not have,? he said.

Robinson takes over tomorrow from retiring Bishop Douglas Theuner at a time when the debate over gay rights, including marriage, is making headlines nationwide.