Thursday, March 18, 2004

Fr. Benedict--By Medical Miracle I'm Still Alive

From Letter 3/17/04:

"If you have followed my preaching and writing over the years, you know that the most significant part of my application of the Gospels to everyday life has been the acceptance of God's Will and Divine Providence. I've tried personally to live this out, but I had no idea that in my later years I would be confronted with so great a challenge as now faces me.

Apparently, by a medical miracle, I am still alive - having really been considered dead. One can't miss the conclusion that when this happens, God still wants us here. Consider how many times in the course of life we are in danger of death and not even aware of it!

I don't know what God has in store for me, nor do you know what He has in store for you; yet a conviction that must guide us both is 'Your will be done'. This conviction should be the ultimate intention of all of our prayers - along with finding our peace in the acceptance of that will. Certainly to pray like this is a gift of the Holy Spirit. "