Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Fr. Aidan Nichols

I attended a lecture last evening by Fr. Aidan Nichols at the Josephinum in Columbus. Here are a few caveats:

Father wondered aloud if we might be close to a time when techology reaches its limits. When there is no further advances and what would the void of the "new" create within modern humanity?

He spoke on evangelization and highlighted three areas:

Intellectual life....showing how the faith is reasonable, he bemoaned the decline in Catholic education as truly "Catholic" and unique, pointed out that some institutions of higher learning should just be shut down because they had become so secular that they were no longer of any real service to the world as a Christian institution.

Mystical life...focusing on the Mass as the chief way that we encounter the Divine while here on earth, he spoke of the need for the liturgy to communicate the transcendant. Again he bemoaned that the celebration of the liturgy had been negatively influenced by those who secularize it both in the way they preach and preside.

Institution...focusing on two different areas the way the Church as an institution lives within itself and looks outside of itself. Within he talked about the hierarchal nature and how each has element in the Church has its unique function. He bemoaned the dirth of priests and religous, but quiped there is no shortage of vocations to the episcopacy something that got a good laugh from the seminarians present.

A book that I worked with Fr. Aidan on...very good...