Friday, March 26, 2004

Diocese Sued By Devout Catholic

Injured while playing Bingo, threatened with excommunication if she sued...who can make this stuff up?

From Diocese Sued By Devout Catholic - from

"Robert was attending a night bingo session at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Pinellas Park on June 11, 2003, when, according to the lawsuit, she was seriously injured by a negligently maintained bathroom stall that collapsed on her as she was leaving the restroom.

About six weeks later, Robert received a telephone call from a man who identified himself as a ``monsignor from the chancery,'' the lawsuit states. The caller warned her not to file a lawsuit or otherwise seek compensation for her injuries, and threatened her with excommunication if she did, the lawsuit states.

``Due to the monsignor's threat of excommunication from her lifelong devotion to the Catholic Church, [Robert] was caused to receive severe emotional distress that has caused angina attacks and a series of minor strokes with a serious concern for a major stroke which may be life threatening,'' the lawsuit states.

Robert is a sensitive woman and a witness to her end of the telephone exchange can verify that it left her very upset, her attorney, Thomas M. Woodruff, said Wednesday. "