Friday, February 06, 2004

The Passion of the Christ on the Hood of NASCAR Car

Bobby Labonte's #18, for the Daytona 500 a week from this Sunday.

From Churches flock to see controversial film on Jesus:

"Norm Miller, chairman of Dallas-based Interstate Batteries, replaced his own company's hood-sized logo with an ad for 'The Passion' on NASCAR driver Bobby Labonte's No. 18 Chevrolet. The car will carry the ad during the Daytona 500 race Feb. 15.

Miller said he feels 'privileged' to offer the giveaway publicity.

Miller is yet another volunteer in an effort to turn 'The Passion' into a success of biblical proportions. Many think a successful opening will encourage more Christian-themed movies — and win more souls. 'We need this film to have the biggest opening on record,' said the Web site"