Friday, February 06, 2004

"I Have Never Had Sexual Relations with Anyone."

If he has, we're sure to hear about it in the coming days. One Catholic watchdog group, Roman Catholic Faithful, have had their spotlight on him for some years and if they have anything they are sure to release it.

The fact that he is not stepping down, shows a flaw in the system. If he were just a priest, he'd be removed while they investigated this. I find the reaction of the priests, giving him a standing ovation, a little tasteless. They do not know what the truth is, anymore than I do, but gravity should be the tone when a serious charge has been raised not elation.

And I'm not sure, if I was the Bishop, I would use a phrase that sounds very Clintonian.

From Albany, N.Y. --

"During an extraordinary news conference in which the spiritual leader of the region's 400,000 Catholics was asked detailed questions about his sex life, Hubbard said the allegations, made the day before by the dead man's brother, were 'completely and utterly false.'

The 64-year-old Hubbard added, 'I have never had sexual relations with anyone.'

Hubbard cut short a vacation in Florida to answer charges made Wednesday by Andrew Zalay, a 56-year-old electrical engineer who now lives in Laguna Nigel, Calif. Zalay released what he said was an unsigned, typewritten suicide note from his brother, Thomas N. Zalay, that described a homosexual affair with Hubbard.

Both Andrew Zalay and his attorney, John Aretakis, said they don't know how or when Thomas Zalay and Hubbard could have met.
Thomas Zalay died April 19, 1978, at age 25, after he set himself ablaze in the bedroom of his family's home on Myrtle Avenue in Albany. Andrew Zalay said he found the note among his late mother's possessions when he was cleaning out the home for sale last August.

In a second, handwritten suicide note, Thomas Zalay described himself as deeply troubled, saying he was plagued by thoughts of murder, incest and child molesting, and called himself a 'dangerous monster.' The note does not mention Hubbard.

Thomas Zalay had been an altar boy at St. Vincent de Paul Church on Madison Avenue. He attended Boston's Northeastern University and worked as a computer technician for the General Electric Co. in Pittsfield, Mass."