Monday, February 09, 2004

Do You Know Where He is?---No Comment

I've seen bits and pieces of the President's interview on Meet the Press, but hadn't heard this part...

From MSNBC - Transcript for Feb. 8th:

Russert: "Russert: Senator Charles Grassley, a Republican

President Bush: Yes.

Russert: said he is absolutely convinced we will capture Osama bin Laden before the election.

President Bush: Well, I appreciate his optimism. I have no idea whether we will capture or bring him to justice, may be the best way to put it. I know we are on the hunt, and Osama bin Laden is a cold blooded killer, and he represents the nature of the enemy that we face.

These are these are people that will kill on a moment's notice, and they will kill innocent women and children. And he's hiding, and we're trying to find him.

There's a I know there is a lot of focus on Iraq, and there should be, but we’ve got thousands of troops, agents, allies on the hunt, and we are doing a pretty good job of dismantling al Qaeda better than a pretty good job, a very good job. I keep saying in my speeches, two thirds of known al Qaeda leaders have been captured or killed, and that's the truth.

Russert: Do you have a pretty good idea where Osama is?

President Bush: You know, I'm not going to comment on that."