Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Update on Father Groeschel

Keep praying, the news is better.

Father squeezed the hand of one of the priests at his bedside today. A procedure was done last night to try to relieve some of the bleeding in his head.

I learned the above from Father's secretary who phoned me this afternoon.

Most of the media has finally picked up the story (its amazing how slow they are). They pretty much are all running the same story that originally appeared in the Orlando Sentinel (I had wrote the new director there yesterday and told them what had happened in their backyard--got a response from them later in the day, saying they would look into it). What is interesting to me is that the story they told mentions one of the books that I worked with Father Groeschel on, namely "The Cross at Ground Zero." If you haven't read it yet (it has sold a ton of copies) it is well worth the read and besides dealing with the horrible events of 9/11 it deals with suffering in general and "where is God?" in the midst of it all.